I’ve got associations.. big time.  I’ve mentioned a couple here and here.

I also associate every single sign I see like this to my Nanny Juntunen.  Growing up she had it (in white and purple) sitting on top of her thermostat on the living room wall.  It took quite a few visits before I saw what the sign said.  Until that point I remember wondering what it meant, squinting my eyes to try to see it a different way.  I guess I was too embarrassed to ask.

When it comes to putting words around our house, I put them up when I think they are significant.  I put them up thinking I want our kids to remember them- because words are powerful when you understand what they say.

I ordered this wall decal off Etsy last week and love how it completes our girls room.  A message I want them always to remember: its their heart (a happy heart) that makes them beautiful!

*to see our sisters room- check here.



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