things keep moving

Summer is flying.  It is divine.  Seriously- low humidity, nights with a perfect cool breeze, and our neighborhood is buzzing with kids, gardeners, runners, and popsicles.  We have yet to do a lemonade stand – but its happening.  Once (a long time ago) I thought stay at home moms had it made in the summer.  They didn’t have to sit inside at their desk job and eat packed lunches like I did.  They basically could do whatever they wanted all summer long. What was I thinking?!?  Stay at home moms have ridiculous tans because they don’t stand (let alone lay still) all day long.  They run about putting on sunscreen, passing out popsicles, washing twice as much laundry, scheduling more playdates, putting on band aids.  Oh yes.. its a breeze. Either way -I like it better!  I’m home to capture more moments like these:

photoJameson is riding the bike his dad did as a boy!  The bike is a little big for him (and heavy), but he only needed a nights practice before he could get it going and balance.  Two days later he was racing down our street.  This kid can make any sport look like a breeze.  My papa Juntunen says he was born to be an athlete.  I see his point.

photo (23)These two.  Whoever wakes up first in the morning goes to wake the other up (because they want to be together.)  I then spend 50% of the day breaking up their fights.  Siblings! Lucia will be missing Jameson big time this fall as he is headed off to full-time school at a charter school near us.  I’m excited and nervous for him as we make another big transition. I was seriously considering another year of home school with him, but the social element is important.  As a home schooled kid myself I know- it is really important.  Plus- the charter school has an environmental theme to it and incorporates hands on (outdoor) teaching a lot.. which Jameson will love. They also cap at a smaller class size which was really important to me.  Still, it’s full time. Half of me can’t wait.  The other half wants to cry. Please leave a comment with all your advice/tips for me.  I will consider them all.

Our baby loves the beach.  When we show up she starts giggling.  She doesn’t want to go in the water, she just wants to use her cup to fill buckets with water.  Here she is watching her siblings digging in the sand.  She watches a lot and repeats everything they say by following up with “mom- when I’m older I’ll ____”.  Wishing she wasn’t growing up quite so fast.. but then I remember she’s still in diapers.  So she isn’t old yet.

We’re living outside and thinking about the season ahead because things just keep moving.  This morning at church I was talking to the family sitting beside us about their summer.  Jameson felt the need to interject that he CANNOT WAIT for winter because then his mom will let him play video games.  Oh, son..  winter is coming.



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