a little bit of heaven

Heaven to me is quiet.  There is coffee on endless tap.  The sun is shining.  I have conversation time with Mr. Underwood.  I wake and get myself showered and dressed in privacy.  We dream about the days ahead.  This weekend it happened!  I have proof.


We spent time in both Lutsen & Grand Marais which are beautiful.  And the food.. if you were to find yourself in Grand Marais you must eat at the Angry Trout Cafe and The Pie Place.  You will be a happier person.

Ryan was in Lutsen for a video job on Saturday so I spent the entire day doing whatever I like.. by the end of the day everything was closed and I was so bored I ended up painting my nails.  Which is shocking.  It was the first thing Colette noticed when we came home. She looked at me like she no longer knew me..

IMG_0736Both Lutsen and Grand Marais are big tourist spots, so families are crawling near the restaurants. How incredibly freeing to hear children melting down at meal time and completely ignore it.

IMG_0681Sunday we woke just before 10 a.m to only the sound of Lake Superior (and angels singing).  This was our day to celebrate our eleventh anniversary as I mentioned here.  11 years, three kids, six moves, a few jobs, and we continue to fight and love better.  We’re in the middle of it and yet he sticks by my side.  And I by his.  Pretty incredible.

IMG_0717To many more years with this man!  Bonus that he is adorable.  


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