a whole new chapter

We’re three days into school life and things are looking a whole lot different.

photo (30)

We started kindergarten at six with Jameson after quite a bit of discussion last year.  I’ve found this isn’t the norm.  The majority of his class is five (or so the parents say), some look not a day older than four.  I decided not to ask for birth certificates.. but I hope someone did.  It doesn’t seem to bother Jameson that he is a small giant and hopefully it never will.  Instead he seems to be making the transition beautifully.  With a healthy amount of confidence.  In fact, the first day of school he started crying when he saw that I was there to pick him up at 2:50 because this meant he could not ride the bus. He’s ready.  Which helps me!  Instead of crying and taking pictures of every first moment at school (which is what I’d imagine I’d be like), I’ve felt such a calmness starting this new chapter and navigating the “firsts” with him.

This is going to be a great year in my boy’s life with many opportunities I cannot give him at home. We’re also gonna have a lot more “girl power time” as Lucia calls it around here.

More to come on that..


2 thoughts on “a whole new chapter

  1. Awesome! Hard to believe how quick they grow up. Glad the transition is going so well with Jman and you guys. 🙂 I also imagine ‘girl power time’ is going to lend itself to some fun stories in the near future!!!

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