beautiful moments

Friday was grandparents morning at Jameson’s school.  Every student invited their grandparents to see their classroom, meet their teacher, and attend a book fair with them (which was a very good strategy for the profits of the book fair! yes?)  Ryan’s parents are too far away (in Tennessee), my parents haven’t gotten to know our kids, and Ryan was out of town for the week.  I planned on just skipping grandparents morning.  It was another thing while I was running things solo.  Then Wednesday Jameson came home begging that I’d come with him: “mom.. you could be just like my grandma”.

Do you ever have one of those moments as a parent when you just know what the right thing is?  I needed to go to grandparents day.  It was a really good morning just me and my big guy.  He was so proud to show me every little thing about his school and I was proud to be there.  The youngest grandma by far.

photo (31)

Grandparents day stings for me.  I sat on the little kindergarten plastic chair looking around the classroom at so many incredible grandparents leaning in listening to their grandkids, putting their arms around them, and praising their work.  I missed Jameson’s grandparents.  I wanted the Underwoods to be closer to share these everyday things with us as I KNOW they do too!  I wanted my parents to be able to have relationship with this boy who is already in school!  Of all the firsts transitioning Jameson to school, this was the one that got me.

On grandparents day I needed to hold myself together.

So we read together, we talked with the friends he sits with everyday in class (along with their grandparents), and then Jameson was antsy as can be to head down to the book fair setup in the library.  On our way he reached back to grab my hand.  Perhaps it was part of his strategy in getting an extra book…but God knew it was exactly what I needed.

Friday morning I was where I needed to be.. because even in the pain there are laced these beautiful moments.  The sting teaches me about celebrating, participating, loving, and listening better.  It opens my eyes to see broken family relationships everywhere that I probably wouldn’t recognize as if it weren’t for that sting.

It hurts.  But beauty is found here.


3 thoughts on “beautiful moments

  1. This one really got me Liz. My heart goes out to you and Jameson. I wish there was something could do. all we can do is give it to God and know that he works everything out for our good.
    I was feeling sad that I missed Elin and Lincolns birthdays, 1st Time we haven’t been there.
    Sounds like you made something good out of a bad situation. You are a peach. 🙂

  2. Beautiful words, Liz, and all these experiences teach us things in our walk through life. Since I was “kinda like” YOUR grandma, couldn’t I be Jameson’s “substitute great-grandma?” Think about it for next year if the other grandparents can’t be there! Love you and your family!

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