highlights of 2014

A belated Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Here are a few of our family photos sent out via Christmas cards this year.  I’m no good at keeping pictures up on three kids.  But- family pictures every fall – that’s happening. Photo credit to Kiley Marissa. We LOVE her!

Family Collage

I’m excited for the new year ahead!  I love writing on fresh pages in a calendar and thinking through the things I want to focus on for the upcoming year.  One of which is being more faithful in this blog corner.  Somebody hold me to it!  But- before I jump ahead to dreams for tomorrow.. I want to remember the things we’ve been blessed with this past year.  Here are Underwood highlights of 2014:

– Santa brought us a puppy last year.  We named her “Mabel”.  She has gained 60 pounds since this first photo.  I’m hoping she has reached her full body size.  She is still puppy but tolerates abuse from our children well.  At night she is all cuddles.  I like her.

– I learnt a lot about what being a mom is (and continue to!)  Everyday things are changing. It’s a lot of asking God for wisdom and thinking less about ourselves.  It’s seeing our kids individually in the middle of crazy.  And it’s patience.  A lot of patience.

– My baby sister Debbi moved out after living with us for her senior year.  It was a hard year for her, and for me.. but I’m so thankful to have shared that time with her!  Mostly I’m thankful for Debbi and being able to call her a friend.  Not just a sister.  In many relationships this past year I was challenged by how well I love those in my life.

-My friend Steph helped me decorate our dining room.  I love it!!  When the house is a mess and I feel defeated- I make coffee, pull up a chair in the dining room, and I feel better.

-Our oldest Jameson started school.  Coming into this transition I asked a lot of questions, checked out alternative options, and really felt the charter school we’re at was the right fit. It has been the smoothest kindergarten transition I could imagine.  Thankful for that every single week!

It’s been a great year.  Thanks for coming to this space and sharing life with us.  To dreams ahead.. bring it on 2015!!


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