i love blueberry pie

My son Jameson reminds me a lot of his dad.  But mixed in there I love seeing glimpses of me and then just Jameson being himself. Growing from my cute baby, to toddler, to my almost seven- year- old boy.

I think one of the best parts of this job of parenting is watching our kids develop.  We get to see this entirely different personality from our own- and nothing like their siblings!  As a stay at home mom I really get the “opportunity” to see where each of our kids is at: whether its things they need to work on, when they need some one-on-one time, or just seeing them develop some pretty sweet things.  I’m connected!  As I shared here– it’s not always pretty.  Other times it’s beautiful.

Two weeks ago Jameson came home from school and immediately asked me if I knew how to make blueberry pie.  His teacher at school said her favorite dessert was blueberry pie – so he wanted to bring her one.  I told him we could figure it out!  The next day he woke up sick.  That entire week he was out of school on antibiotics.  And Jameson just wanted to make a blueberry pie.  He was so disappointed he had to wait.  As soon as he was himself again and headed to school we were back on the pie kick. This boy can be so persistent.  He has ideas and he wants things the way he wants them.  Often this can be one of the hardest things in parenting Jameson, because it isn’t flexible.  But couple that persistence with generosity- amazing.  I promised I’d run to the store the next day when he was at school and get the supplies for making my first ever blueberry pie.  And as soon as he walked through the door the following day:  “pie time, mom!!”


It was so good to take time out of the busyness to make pie and to see Jameson beaming as we worked together.. 100% IN.  100% sweet.

I love blueberry pie.. and those big brown eyes too.


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