Big things happening to start our February.  I will explain..

First, I planted a cute little bulb from Trader Joe’s in January.  It was actually a really foolish five dollar purchase as I kill plants.  Ironically enough, I daydream about being a gardner. It’s a sad story. Somewhere in the soil and watering part plants are doomed here.  But, I was faithful with this one.  It was sitting in front of me whenever I washed dishes, so I would remember to check the soil and pray over it.  I needed growth and beauty in the midst of dark and cold Minnesota days.  Ryan brought additional optimism by telling me that the kitchen window was too drafty.  But- February came I had flowers blooming on my kitchen windowsill!!

It was that same week I went to the gym to keep up on one of my 2015 goals of working out a minimum of twice a week (more to come on goal setting).  Making body or weight goals is a first for me, but somewhere along 2014 I gained ten pounds that I wasn’t looking for.  It’s not about the number on the scale- it’s about how I feel with the ten extra pounds. I don’t feel good and I sleep horrible.  I need to be out and moving!!  So I was at the gym clipping along with a fast walk on the treadmill and a cute pregnant gal came and jumped on the treadmill beside me.  Nothing like competition with a pregnant gal.  First we were walking and then she picked up her heels and started running, and I followed.  I followed?  I’m still not sure what possessed me!  I should also tell you I have NO recollection of running in my life aside from trying to catch one of my toddlers.  I was running!!  Before I would’ve said I could never run.  It was too intense for me.  I’m not a very strong gal.  I have pain.  Ryan is the runner.  I don’t run.

But when I was done I felt incredible for having run.   I felt thankful for still being alive.  And I thought, ” I could do that again”.  And I have.

This is the year I need growth in my life.  I want to do the things maybe I’ve told myself I couldn’t (even if they take more work) because maybe I could.  In the midst of life, I want to see the beauty in the growth because just seeing a change is quite remarkable!

What growth are you longing for this year?  I would love to hear!


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