I’m over winter.  I’m over being cold (even inside the house).  I’m over staying home with sick kids and boxes of kleenex.  I’m over gray days and crunch beneath my boots.  Really. Can you tell I’m over it?

This winter we’ve had our share of sickness here at the Underwoods.  We’ve taken our turns which has made it exhausting and feel like a global epidemic.  It reminds me how remarkably healthy we’ve been in past winters and what a blessing it is to not carry the extra burden of fevering kids and antibiotics.  It also has been a needed reminder that it is a gift to care for my family and I should embrace it as just that.  A gift.


Being this season has been harder and I’ve hardly left the house or my children for a month – I’m also strangely excited for the season ahead.  A transition.  I mentioned here that I’ve been making goals for this upcoming year.  And I have.  Now it’s almost March and I’ve come to important conclusions on goal setting/New Year Resolutions.  I need to be really careful here because goals easily tie into this unhealthy idea I have about my worth being tied to “my results”.  Some days I see results.  More days I do not.

So rather than a long list of new things to learn, additional schooling for a career goal I have, or hobbies I’d like to try –  what are my goals for 2015?  I want to live fully in the things before me.  I don’t want to do it all.  I don’t want to try.  I want to slow down to focus on the things already here.  I want to spend every last bit of myself on the things I’m passionate about!  I want to date my husband.  I want to spend time being present with my children.  I want to love well.  I want to create beautiful spaces in our home and welcome others here.  I want to read to learn.  I want to drink a large quantity of coffee by myself and with friends.  I don’t want to work out (not in the least), but I WILL so that I’m stronger to do the things I love..

2015 Goals:

  • date my husband at least twice a month
  • love our neighbors
  • be a home to foster-children
  • “nest” at home
  • read at least one book per month
  • work out at least twice a week (run a 5k)

None of these things add up to something major I’ll be adding to my resume or boasting about in Christmas cards.  None of them are outside the box or an indicator of my incredible self discipline.  But each one are things I’m passionate about which make them feel vital!  I’m the wife, I’m the neighbor, I’m the mom, I’m the home keeper, and only I can drag myself down to the gym.

This is up to me.  I’m taking it on!



2 thoughts on “resolutions

  1. If you’d be interested in joining, I’m part of a book club that meets once a month! We meet and have brunch or desserts, discuss the last book, chat for a bit, and pick next month’s book. Let me know if you’d want more info!

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