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I’m gonna try something new here.  I’m sure there are many bloggers out there with a very similar idea.. But- I’m going to kick off this summer with “saturday snaps” just to summarize the week.  My plan is to include what we’re up to, new favorite things, recipes Mr. Underwood is fixing (truth be told- he cooks), and definitely photos of the cutest kids in Duluth.  I’m hoping some of you will comment back and it will be a short fun stop each weekend that you’ll look forward to.  Who’s with me?

This week.  Monday I was strapped in for a thirteen hour road trip home with my man.  We were super blessed to split up our kids and leave them behind with friends.  Really isn’t this the test of real friendships.. like you’ve reached a deeper level?  “Hey… in addition to your own kids, and your busy weekend plans, want to keep my 4,6, or 8 year-old child, oh.. and our golden doodle puppy?  Good?  Ok, great.”  So we were in Cincinnati for a long weekend to celebrate with my brother Joe and his bride Jessa as they became a family of six!  I’ve always had an extra sweet place in my heart for Joe.  We’re the closest in age of any of my seven siblings and especially were close during those crucial years in high school and college. When I met Jessa last spring this relationship made sense.  She is sassy, strong, beautiful, and mature.  And seeing them together and joking did my heart good.  I SO wish they lived closer.  But a great way to start a Monday.. just thinking of our time shared with them and the beautiful way their lives crossed and combined.

This last week we finished our foster care license renewal which was hours of (extremely dry) training and then more hours spent at our dining room table with our licensor “processing” through this last year.  Our expectations, thoughts, and growth.  We’re good to go for the next two years.  We passed renewal.  As I think ahead to what the next two years may look like I’m thankful to be exactly where we are.

I’ve been spending hours here and there in our yard and love that.  I often tell Ry that I think I’m a gardner deep down.  Roadblocks currently include: rough kids, our dog, time, and knowledge.  I really have very little knowledge.  That’s the biggest road block.  I consult with our neighbors Joel and Jan because their yard is amazing!! Seriously.  Just across the street it’s the prettiest grass and gardens.  I yard lust.

I got this swimsuit bottom just in time for Cincinnati and love it.  I paired it with an old black top I had.  It’s modest and helps keep the shape.  You know what I mean?  I’m feeling better about beach days ahead.  And at $12.99 it’s a very good idea.  I also got this book in the mail today because I really want to be a good reader.  I’m terrible at finding a book that engages me long enough to finish it.  But it came with a strong recommendation by one of my favorite authors- so I’m feeling optimistic.  Anyone else read it?  I’ll let you know what I think.  If it makes the cut.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!  I’m off to bathe Colette who needs to go to bed ASAP.


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