snap 002


The kids have been out of school for a week and summer is a beautiful thing.  We’ve been so anxious to let the kids sleep in (if they would), to make late fancy breakfasts, and to hang out in PJ’s. Along with summer also comes the dreaded “I’m bored” or Jameson asking to play video games every hour.  And so, my uber talented sister Debbie came over and wrote out our summer schedule for me.  The structure (so far) is exactly what we need! Just enough.  Jameson knows not to ask for gaming time all day, and the kids doing a daily set of chores is amazing!  I love this.  Hopefully it will work the whole summer long and into the fall.

Other little snaps:

-I’ve talked to a piano teacher about starting  Jameson and Lucia with lessons in August. Currently we don’t own a piano or keyboard (as Ry reminds me), but you have to start somewhere.  Yes?  I’d love a piano, Ry refuses to move one.  So most likely we’ll try to get a nice keyboard that almost sounds like a piano.  Super excited at the thought of more music in our home and hoping that all the years of piano lessons I had growing up could mean I might not have to start at square one again.  Ry says he’ll try it out as another instrument too.  And attractive men playing music.  Even more attractive.

-This morning I set the alarm for 6:30am and took the kids two blocks down in their PJ’s to cheer on all the runners for Grandma’s half and full marathon.  This is the third year they’ve cheered their daddy on.  This is such an amazing event!  I want to think I’m the kind of person who is disciplined enough to train and run 13+ miles like my hubby.  But then I’m sitting on the sidelines eating a donut and feeling tired just watching the pounding feet, sweaty shirts, and agony in some of their faces.

-I have a gallon of fun blue paint that’s been waiting on me for at least a month.  Hoping this next week might be the week.  Speaking of paint..  I also bought Dot Art for the first time at TJ’s this week (for a steal) and it’s been a huge hit with the girls.  You would hardly believe what we go through with art paper around here.

-I’m reading my book.. sixty pages in and trying to keep the momentum going.  I still haven’t lost interest.

Happy weekend y’all.  Don’t forget to honor the special men in your life tomorrow.  Every year I think of a father’s day card (my favorite one), that I got Ry years ago.  It read: “I knew I loved you when I pictured what kind of dad you would be”.  True story.  We’re blessed.


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