snap 003

IMG_3549My hubby left early yesterday morning.  I have a vague memory of him kissing me goodbye.. it was from that point on I couldn’t get back to a real sleep. Anyone else have problems sleeping that only get worse when you have to sleep alone?  I’m a ruined woman. So Ry is gone for the next EIGHT days (sigh) and I’m in charge.

Other snaps this week:

-We shared three meals (with plans for a fourth tonight!) and community is good.  Weeks ago when we were taking our road trip to Ohio I told Ry one of my only summer goals was to spend as much time outside as possible and share that time with friends, family, and neighbors.  Check.  So blessed by all the relationships we have.. which makes this week not nearly as lonely.

-Anyone else a little nuts about having spreadable butter?  Hmm.. just us.  We got this jewel this week and butter has never tasted so good.  Yes, it totally works!

-I’ve doubled pages read in my latest book and keep thinking of how to establish better habits.  I have a couple areas in my life that stand out boldly.  One of which is establishing a better habit of working out.  When I read the part in Gretchen’s book about having self knowledge to understand why the habit formation may not be working- I am 100% an obliger.  “Obligers meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet inner expectations.  They go to great lengths to meet their responsibilities, they make terrific colleagues, family members, and friends.  But it’s difficult for them to self-motivate.”   Which means I need to develop a system to be accountable for my inner focused expectations.  But where to start? Accountability.. with a partner/system.  A deadline.  Maybe new work-out clothes?

-I’m keeping the kids up in reading daily and Lucia (being the extrovert she is), loves to read to me at night.  She doesn’t want to read quietly – she needs an audience!!  Her current favorite series and how pleased she is with herself is almost too much for my heart to handle.

Enjoy the sunshine.. it’s the weekend!


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