snap 004


What little thing makes your day start better?  For me it’s making my bed.  If our room  is tidy, my life feels tidy.  It makes a big difference!  Because at the end of long days if I can retreat to our space it is a wonderful thing.  This week I’ve rotated letting one of the kids sleep with me each night that Ry has been gone.  Eight nights.  It’s a tradition that they always remember.  Speaking of our space.. some time ago I mentioned we were switching bedrooms with our girls.  Well it’s done- it has been for awhile.  Check back later this week to see a few more pics if you’re interested!

“What’s your favorite coffee?”  I get asked that often working at a coffee shop super part time.  I like strong coffee.  I like it a little sweet with real cream.  I recently found this Starbucks one at Target and will be back for more.  For sure.  Throw it over ice with a bit of half and half.. and you’ll smile.

I fell in love with a print this week that may just find a home in our bedroom.  Clearly I’m missing my hubby. Badly.

We’ve spent hours outside today.  It was 73 degrees sunny and never too hot.  Duluth perfection.  While Jameson was at a playdate the girls and I visited Home Depot for more bird seed, potting soil, Miracle grow, and I walked through aisles dreaming of all the projects I could start..  I’ve been mowing and weeding while the kids jump on the trampoline, swing, and eat popsicles.  The only thing that could top off a perfect evening is my hubby coming home- and he is on the way.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


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