snap 005

After a few years contemplating.. I got my first tattoo this week.  So far I would say it’s perfect.  I wanted something small and symbolic of the journey of being a mom.  Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?  Like a warriors fistful of arrows..”  (found in Psalm 127)


Turns out getting a tattoo does hurt.  The pain reminds me I’m strong and was able to do this incredible thing in giving birth three times (something I had great anxiety about as a younger woman).  I wanted the tattoo on my forearm so that I would see it as I extend my hands to our kids.  So I see the tattoo often!  Lastly- it’s a permanent reminder to see them as a gift.  Undeserved.  Three of the best gifts ever.

Other snaps this week:

-I’m eating this cereal with sliced bananas again this morning.   So good.

-After months of living with a super cracked iphone screen, my hubby took the whole thing apart last night to replace the screen for me.  I got this replacement kit.  It looked about as complicated as performing open heart surgery.  But it worked!

-I’m making a library list to reserve things ahead of time for our run there this week.  Anything I should add?  Both the girls loved this one.  I’m starting this one this week.  The cover got me.

-Isn’t spray sunblock one of the best things ever invented?  If you’re shopping just don’t get this one.  I bought it for Ry for his Memphis trip.  Just being a good wife ya know.  So he sprayed himself down and headed out with the teens looking like a smurf.  It looks like you put a layer of slightly blue desitin on and is that hard to get off.   We found out when Ry brought the left over sunblock home and we packed it for our family beach day over the 4th.  It especially stuck to Ry’s beard.  Sexy.  It must be something in the “mineral” ingredient.  Here is a much better one we now have on hand.  The girls love the smell of it.

The sun is shining here in Duluth and the kids and I are headed out shortly to work on our tans.  Yard work included.  Happy weekend friends!


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