snap 006


We love Duluth.  We love our home, our street, the people we share life with, and this amazing lake just minutes away!  Fridays Ry is off so we took off after lunch yesterday on a family outing.  We picked up new t-shirts for church, got Jameson a super duper needed haircut, had dinner at our favorite burger stop, and then sat by the lake throwing rocks and letting Mabel just run.  It was a perfect summer night!!

Other snaps this week:

-Jameson is smart beyond his years, but when he tells me I’m “sartastic” I can’t help smiling.  Thank goodness.. there is still a boy inside that teenager.

-foster baby E (that we keep only one day a week) turned one this past week.  He is a little radiator when we cuddle, so I knew this blanket was the perfect gift.  And due to the size he can use it for years to come.  I know..  Lucia and Colette still use their blankets.

-smell this dish soap that Ry picked up on our last Target run.  I love washing dishes.. I love it more when the soap smells divine!

-this bean salsa will be on our menu every week this summer.  So good.  Even the kids eat it.  Inhale it.

My in-laws come into town this next week and the kids are making agendas of all the fun to be had with Grandpa and Nana.  It feels like a good week to family vacation and slow down..

Happy weekend friends.  What are you up to?


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