snap 007


I woke this morning to the kids talking and laughing together.  The sun was shining through our sheer white curtains, mabel was curled in a ball beside the bed, the ceiling fan was keeping our room the perfect summer temp, Ry was zonked out beside me, and for those few minutes it was heaven. Then Colette started screaming.. Our fierce baby girl.  You’re gonna change the world.

-I missed my post last week.  Duluth had a significant storm a week and a half ago.  The rain was minimal, but the lightening and thunder and wind were amazing!!  We woke in the early morning to flashing over and over against the bedroom walls and knowing even then we had no power.  After our family was all piled into the bed, I remember my first thoughts were “did we leave the van windows down” and “what if our weeping willow were to fall?” We were safe.  We were without power for several days (with Ry’s family in town), but we were safe.  To see pics on some of the disaster you can click here.

-Jameson and Lucia started swim lessons this week.  We’ve kept up on most things for these two.  They’re doing great in school, they’re up on their vaccinations, we make time for reading, we brush their teeth.. but we’ve slacked a bit in the swimming department.  BUT we have a new yearly membership to the YMCA here and the kids started in the “Polliwog” class together on Thursday night.  How cute is that?  Polliwogs.  Next they’ll be “Guppies”.  It’s too much!

– If you could treat yourself to two things what would they be?  For me it’s fresh flowers and getting my nails done.  One of our local flower shops does a weekly wrap for $10 that I want to pickup every single time.  This week these ones came home to live with me.

-I preordered this book and cannot wait to crack open the fresh pages.  Shauna Niequist is on my list of best authors.

-I threw my back out (again) this week.  The combination of having old lady problems and a new membership to the YMCA challenges me to get stronger.  Because if you could see how I’m moving… it’s not strong.  Or pretty.  I’ve been contemplating for months getting a Fitbit to motivate myself with a goal.  The problem is the Fitblaze Blaze is the prettiest but way more than I need or would spend.  The wristbands aren’t all that cute and I’d want something I can wear all the time.  So I’m contemplating just the activity tracker and finding a buddy for accountability.  Remember I’m an obliger.  Anybody else needing a buddy?


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