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Ryan and Liz 2 _01

This week Tuesday we celebrate 13 years as a team.  And that’s no small thing.  Relationships are hard.  The struggle to live life with someone quite different than yourself, to love them when they’re selfish, to forgive them when they hurt you the deepest, to support their dreams and make their dreams part of your own.  This stuff doesn’t come naturally.  Some days feel like a ton more work than others, yes?  And other days are better than the sweetest dreams I had as a much younger gal who fell hard for a skinny happy boy named Ryan Underwood. I love this man.  He is amazingly talented and wise on the inside.  And outside?  He’s smoking hot.

-One more month and the fall schedule starts here in Duluth.  I’m starting to think about it, but I don’t want to put school supplies in the shopping cart just yet.   So far Colette picked out a new backpack for preschool.  Now she tells me she “needs” to bring it along on all outings, even if it’s empty.  We’re soaking up as many hours as we can before school days.  Yesterday included a picnic lunch, thrifting as a family (a first), baseball, and more walking after dinner.  Our kids are tan and popsicle sticks are littered through our yard. It’s been a good summer.

-I’ve been daydreaming of these pillows on our bed.  A great price and a fun way to switch things up!

-Since having my baby sister live with us (a couple years back already), I’ve slowly been learning about makeup products and application.  Thanks, Debs!  This eyebrow pencil is now a staple on my very minimal make-up look.  I thank my dad for these eyebrows.  Anyone have a favorite lipgloss you can tell me about?

-We like Kind bars around here.  These new ones at Target are super good.  Add them to the back to school list.

This song is on repeat here.  Fitting for our anniversary week.

*Photo credit to our favorite Kiley Marissa Photography.  



One thought on “snap 008

  1. Beautiful words!

    By the way, I know those Kind bars and like most of them. A heads-up on the apricot/pear/carrot/beet ones. We all think they taste like pressed dirt. 🙂

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