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IMG_3813I couldn’t imagine a world of unconditional love or grace, where people simply enter into rooms because the door is always open.  The world that made sense to me was a world of earning and proving. . and so I’ve been frantically trying to prove my worth.  – Shauna Niequist 

My copy of Shauna Niequist’s latest book arrived this week and I’ve been soaking up the pages.  I love her writing and every time it speaks so strongly to me!  When I read the quote above i said “YES”.  I understand.  I long to experience and create a place of unconditional love and grace.  I want our home to always be an open door.  I never want our kids to feel the need to prove.  Anything.  I want our kids to experience the opposite of my experiences because much of my life has been frantic.  I’ve tried to prove or earn my worth time and time again.  I’m anxious to keep reading, process thoughts with Ry, and then just to take some time to be still – just the opposite of frantic – as we head into September.

Ryan took the older two kids camping this past week and looking through their pictures I’m feeling pretty darn excited about our first family camping trip (with great friends) later this month.  I’m hopeful this could be a back to school family tradition every year.  But given our four-year-old is terrified of bugs and has strong feelings.  We’ll see.  One year at a time.

Other favorite things this week:

-I made this skillet dinner last night.  Amazing flavor.

-I have a thing for random white mugs.  I could classify this one as a “need”, right?

-We have a nice big porch on the front of our home which regularly serves as extra storage.  Tonight- tonight it smells of lumber.  It smells AMAZING.   Ry and one of his friends “handy Andy” are working on our kitchen ceiling.  Three years later and we’re breaking up with the kitchen ceiling tile.  Seriously- who puts ceiling tile in the kitchen? We’re (meaning the guys are) putting tongue and groove in.  Picture something like this. Cannot wait!

-I ordered a new rolling hamper this week which may change my life.  We have two laundry chutes here which we love.  But the clothes land in the basement about 30 feet from our washing machine.  So for years now I’ve drug or carried our tall old wicker hamper to the washer.  No more.  The new baby can move and my back says “thank you”.

Cheers to the weekend.  I hope you are drinking good coffee and slowing things down. Mondays come fast enough.



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