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School is starting soon.  Reality.  And that’s a good thing, because I’m craving a new sort of order.. moments in a quieter house.  Stillness.

As of this weekend our school shopping is about done.  We have very few traditions over here.. but one fun tradition is back to school shopping.  We do it one-on-one with our kids.  We take the school supply list, they get to pick out a new school outfit, and then their pick of eating out with us – and it’s done with just dad or mom.  My heart melts every time. Friday night the boys were out eating buffalo wings and came home with bags full of supplies.  This afternoon it was the girls!  Lucia just shines with your full attention.  She is full of life and is so excited about every detail.  If only there was a way to tap into the energy of our Lucia Mae.  I was pretty excited too about her new lunchbox . Honestly cute.

And since summer days are almost over, we’re packing up for our family camping trip this week.  Still mostly excited about the adventure!  I will happily eat my share of s’mores and share a tent with Mr. Underwood.  And our children.

What else this week?

-Our schedule with daily chores (+the weekly allowance) has worked so great for the summer.  I’m contemplating how to tweak it for fall and busier/tired kids.  Any tips to share?

-After quite a few friends telling me about it (for a long time), I finally sat down and watched my first episode(s) of Fixer Upper this week on Netflix.  Does anyone else cry at the end when the family comes home to their new house?  Gosh!  It’s a mix of high emotion and initiative to get my butt off the couch and start painting.  Anything.  Like that stack of tongue and groove stacked on our front porch.  It’s coming along.  Just one of those projects that’s not glamorous or fun.  Blah.  But it will get done, and then comes a new ceiling and LIGHTS.  And lights are glamorous.  Especially this one for above our kitchen sink.  Which will tie beautifully with our dining room.

-We love fresh herbs around here.  I’m thinking of moving them indoors for the season ahead.  Maybe something like this.

-I worked out twice this week and hated every minute of it.  Pretty sure this tank was made for me.  I appreciate honesty.

Thanks for sharing this space, friends!  Hope your weekend was grand!


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