snap 011


We’re back from our first mini family camping trip and I’d put it down as a success.  Sure we had our share of bugs, port a potties, attitudes, and came home looking rough and sunburnt.  But.. we also had time to just relax by this beautiful lake that I love.  We went up the shore with good friends and their two munchkins.  Which made for mini vans, five kids eight and under, and lots of food.  Some would question calling this relaxing.  I know. But then you should meet our friends the Freys!  They are easy.  We regularly share life, kiddos, and dogs.. so relaxing even in the crazy feels natural.  The morning we left the campsite Jameson told me that he had to pinch himself during a couple parts of our trip just to see if he was dreaming.  Yep- a success.

I hadn’t been camping since Ry and I were newlyweds (and that was only my second time!) So, I feel like a stronger woman saying I can sleep on the hard ground and pack no makeup or hair products for three days.  Baby steps to being more adventurous in the second half of my thirties!

Other fun things happening this week!

-I ordered each of the kids a new Thermos for their lunch boxes in lime, violet, and teal.  We’ve gotten these before and love them.  They keep cold things cold, hot things hot, and don’t spill.  What else could you ask for?  I also started looking up some new lunch packing inspiration.  These four will definitely be repeated for the first month.

-We planned ahead and had our dining room and entry floors refinished while we were away camping and they turned out beautifully!  Now you open our front door to this perfect circle of matching hardwood.  Amazing.  Today I spent time putting everything back in it’s place feeling so grateful for this house.. for how it’s served us so far and the many dreams we still hope to have here!

-I’m in love with this rug I found on super clearance this week.  I think Ry would veto due to the volume of floral.  Ha!  But I can totally picture it in our dining room (with the dark navy walls).  Wouldn’t it make the winter so much happier?  Please vote “yes”.

-Now that we’re back from camping I’m on the front porch painting the tongue in groove for our kitchen ceiling again.  I need this project to be wrapped up so I can focus on something new!  Jameson is begging me to open that gallon of blue paint I already have picked out for his bigger boy room.  The kid is obsessed with football right now.. so this print will probably work its way into the plan.

We have family coming into town for the holiday weekend ahead and I cannot wait! Menu planning will commence tomorrow night.  And if Ry is doing the cooking and I’m doing desserts- it will be a holiday indeed!


One thought on “snap 011

  1. I’m excited about playing drums with you and pastor Ryan on a worship team soon with you and singing with you guys. I’m talented on the drums also.

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