snap 012


I am a home body thru and thru.  I’m also an introvert.  A classic introvert.  Often when Ry and I are talking through schedules, plans, and trips I say something like “don’t you just want a week where we don’t leave home?” and he looks at me like I have something strange growing out of my forehead.  “So yes?”  Being married to your opposite is an adventure (said nicely), scheduling for a family of five is another adventure!

Our last month has been INSANE.  We’re adjusting to the first weeks of school, lessons, and homework.  I’m switching out kids clothes for a new season and spending more time chauffeuring kids between my part time jobs.  Ry has taken several small trips, and then we went together to Nashville for Story a couple weeks ago – which was such a recharging time!  We’ve loved the mild fall here in Duluth and finally visited a local favorite candy shop that has caramel apples to dream about!  If I had experienced pregnancy cravings with my babies.. surely caramel apples from the Candy Kitchen would have been IT.

Other fun snaps:

-I’m burning this candle at home today.  It is divine.

-Colette has recently gotten into fashion and has a strong sense of what works together. It’s bold.  Have you seen Target’s new Cat and Jack line for kids?  Love it all!  Here are a favorite pair that she’s in love with: these shoes and tights.

-I finally painted Jameson’s room that blue I was talking about way back in June.  Geez…  I still have a few things to finish up the space and then maybe I’ll share.  He is so pleased by the little improvements which makes it not just worth it, but a delight!

-This book is waiting for me at the library.  Anyone else read it?

Off to laundry and coffee and hopefully a quick stop to the grocery store (alone) before an hour passes and our cherubs come busting in.  Ry is gone for work until tomorrow night.. and I’m already sad knowing he won’t be home for dinner.


4 thoughts on “snap 012

  1. It’s such a delight reading your blogs, Liz…..and watching your young family grow….and YOU and RYAN grow with them! I wish our paths could cross more….I am always amazed at the wonderful young wife and mother I observe!! Love you lots! Keep on posting ~ your writing is wonderful!!

  2. First time reading your blog – love it! Forget kid play dates, I want to hang out with you! But then again I’m an extrovert who’s never home 😉

  3. Shari- how special that you’re reading along in this diary of mine! I too wish our paths crossed more often as you are sunshine. Thanks for the encouraging words you’ve been sending my way still thirty years later. Much love to you!

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