The little things

Are you hanging in suspense?  Wondering what bold paint color I choose for our house doors?  I mentioned it earlier this month right here.  Jameson and I picked eight different color cards.  Then we came home, compared them against the exterior, and asked hubs for his vote.  “Ohio Buckeye” won.  Strange as paint names can be.. three coats of this one makes our door a whole lot prettier to come home to.  Ah!  It’s the little things.  I get inordinate joy working with paint.. 


3 thoughts on “The little things

  1. That looks great! I am in desperate need of you to come and help me “spruce” up things around here. By the way, when do you find time to paint!!!!

  2. Yes…when do you find time to paint? It looks great! Actually I think your whole house is great! You have such great style! I came home and was depressed looking at our place LOL…it is just different when you don’t own the place and you can’t just rip off the old wallpaper from the dinning room!

  3. Surely Ryan’s vote was not for “ohio buckeye”. Even though the vols are horrible this year im sure he wanted some sort of orange.

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